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Issue Four

Well, hello again!

It’s been quite some time since we last released an edition of British Powerlifting Magazine; but it’s been quite some time since powerlifting was really happening for us all!

Between lockdowns and getting back up to strength, it’s been a slog for a lot of people; believe me, I was one of them. Hopefully, you haven’t given up and we’re back baby!

I won’t go into details of all the competitions that have taken place since we last did an edition, but in the last few months there’s definitely been something of a whirlwind of nationals and regionals with everyone getting back into lifting, and competing. Having said that, in the world of bad news that seems to be going on outside of powerlifting, I would like to highlight few good news stories that have come up and been brought to my attention.

Just before I dive headlong into these though; do you have something you’d like the whole of British Powerlifting to know about? Something you’ve achieved in some way tangential to powerlifting that’s super exciting? Get in touch with us at magazine@britishpowerlifting.org and you could be featured!

Firstly we have a British Powerlifting member, Wes McGuinness, who as a submariner in the Royal Navy, has been selected to enrol on their elite athlete scheme. This means that Wes has been taken off of his normal submarine duty and is now going to be training as a powerlifter full time and being paid for it (the dream!).

You can find a great description of Wes’s powerlifting career to date elsewhere in the magazine, and check out his Instagram @submarine_strong.

The even bigger news is connected to the upcoming World Games. It can’t have escaped anyone’s attention that the World Games are coming up in July from the 7th to the 17th; and British Powerlifting have got three athletes competing, as well as a referee going to officiate at this prestigious event.

The athletes (and their IG handles) competing are none other than Tony (Big T) Cliffe @tmcpower, Ellie (the woman of) Steel @elliefrickensteel and last but by no means last Emma (I can’t think of anything else) Goodwin @egoodwin87.


The referee going to represent British Powerlifting will be Carole Springett @carole7582. Massive congratulations to them all for even  being selected for this.

If you’d like more information on the World Games (and let’s face it, you want it), you can find more on the IPF’s website at https://www.powerlifting.sport/championships/world-games-2022

The final items, which are both fairly distant but I’ll mention now and there will be more updates to come… First, the IPF will be represented at the Arnold’s this year! You can find out more about this three day event in September at https://www.powerlifting.sport/about-ipf/news/news-detail/the-ipf-will-be-at-the-uk-arnold-2022 - the word is that Big T will also be at the Arnold’s, along with many other international lifters. The last item, do you remember the SBD Sheffield 2020 about which there was massive hype? Well, a birdie tells me it’s BACK! There’s plenty more information about this one in the article supplied by our sponsor SBD in this issue of the magazine.

Enough ramblings from your editor in any case, crack on and see what we have to offer for this issue! Also for the avoidance of any doubt, all opinions expressed above and elsewhere by contributors to the magazine do not form the official standpoints or opinions of British Powerlifting and should not be construed as such. 

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Jon Wilkinson



Issue #4

In this issue

Sheffield 2023
by SBD Apparel
The H Word
by Ben Dandy
Pancakes & Powerlifting
by Sinead Hines
Becoming a Referee
by Tom Beech
Weight Classes - Should You Change?
by Erik Mata
Moving Into Powerlifting - for a change
by Georgina Rastall
The Submariner
by Wes McGuinness

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Welcome to the latest edition of the magazine now we're through the pandemic. A lot of exciting developments are in progress, which cement our position as the number one UK Powerlifting organization.

The most significant of course is that British Powerlifting has now been recognized as the National Governing Body by UK Sports Councils. We hope that this will bring benefits across the board for all members.

Secondly, our new Anti Doping programme is getting underway and the first tranche of lifters in the out of competition testing pool will be notified shortly.

Lastly, we are well advanced towards recognition by BUCS and this will help all university lifters and clubs.

Yours in Sport,




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Well, that's a wrap, until the next issue!

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