British Equipped



A treat for all British Powerlifting readers, a perspective on the recent British Equipped Championships from everyone’s favourite spotter and loader, the one and only Mike King.

75 lifters graced the platform on Saturday 18t​ h​ January in Horncastle for the British Equipped Powerlifting Championships. It was great to see such a good entry number as in the last decade Equipped lifting has seen to have been on the decline; with Classic lifting being more popular, especially with newcomers to the sport.

Many legendary names were in their kit once again sharing the platform with some great classic lifters of the modern era. Legends like Jenny Hunter, Allen Ottolangui, Phil Richard, Rob Palmer David Carter and Kevin Jane all once again dusted off their squat suits to compete against some of the modern day stars of the sport. Modern heroes like Ellie Steel, Emma Goodwin, Bernie McGurk, Dave Richardson, Jack Cook, and Jordan McLaughlin, to name just a few.

Some very impressive lifting by all age & weight classes both male & female:

Ellie steel managing a huge 160kg bench press at 58.5 kg bw

Sheri Miles pulled a 210 kg deadlift

Holly Bryans, a super impressive lifter with excellent lifting technique hitting a 225kg squat, 140kg bench press and a 190kg deadlift for a 555kg total at just 71.5kg bodyweight.

Katerina Sweatman benching a massive 180kg Only 1 bomber in this championship, but this is part of equipped powerlifting... It happens!

The men certainly didn’t disappoint either:

Dave Richardson pulling a huge 370.5 giving him a 900kg plus total

Jack Cook achieving a 900kg total

Phil Richard attaining a 303kg squat, a 205kg bench press and a 245kg deadlift for a 753kg total, with a bodyweight of just 76.6kg in the masters 1 class

Bernie McGurk 250kg squat in the masters 2, under 74kg class

Ray Bowring squatting a huge 380kgs

Young Daniel McGauley enjoyed his day lifting in his kit, and was seen to be cutting some bodybuilding poses with Robert Rodney whilst receiving his trophy

On Sunday 19t​h​, we witnessed some fantastic equipped bench pressing with the British Equipped Bench Press Championships, with 33 lifters taking part.

There were just 4 bombers here across the day who couldn’t quite manage to get a lift passed today, and some incredible performances here today:

Dean Bowring, 250kg

Graham Mellor 270kg

Harvey Robinson, a massive 317.5kg

Laura Berry 155kg

Sarah bouskill 150kg

Marc & Sue Giles again put on a fantastic championships here at Horncastle, with a team of helpers went above & beyond and a kitchen crew kept everyone fed & watered. The officials & table staff , the platform crew were on point with some great catches/recoveries keeping the lifters safe at all times & encouraging words which help the lifters focus .Without these volunteers championships cannot take place.

A very enjoyable weekend was had by all.

Mike King