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Issue Three

We are back!

It’s a strange time for us all, in powerlifting and in life. Some people might suggest now is a bad time to put out a magazine about a sport which isn’t going on at the moment; but I disagree, I think now is the best time to help us all remember the sport we love!

This edition sees some really informative and even maybe controversial content from two medical professionals. Mary McCance MSc. BSc. BSc. MCSP. HCPC, lead physiotherapist at Ullswater Physiotherapy and Sports Injury clinic, talks about shoulder injuries, and how we could maybe help avoid them; meanwhile, we have an opinion piece from Dr Jordan Lam MBBS, a neurosurgery resident at the University of Michigan, about just how much protein we really need, as athletes.

As well as this, Hira Teirney comes back to the magazine to talk about her experiences of competing at the women’s British Championships recently, and what it’s like to have the weight of expectation on you; Chris Gillard, a prominent SHW lifter who talks to us about how to help out at a competition (which we can all learn something from!); David Penney, a well regarded Masters lifter in the North West, talking about weight classes, and his own fluctuations; and last but certainly not least we have a small biopic about Nicola Stimpson who even now, is working as a paramedic, and combines this with lifting, and having her own family, by her coach Logan Usher.

I hope you all enjoy this edition, and that you are all happy and healthy, staying safe and looking forward to getting back to the gym!! As ever, please contact me at​ if you have ideas for the next edition and would like to contribute, I’m always open to anything you might want to talk about!

Jon Wilkinson



Issue #3

In this issue

Lifting Expectation
with Hira Teirney
Breaking Records
and Saving Lives
What Weight Class
Should I Compete In?
Shoulder Injuries
In Powerlifting
Flights, Lights & Bombs
How a Competition Runs
How Much Protein
Do I Need?

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The British Powerlifting Executive Board are delighted at the re-launch of our Magazine. There have been two previous issues, each with different editors and we hope that under the guidance of the new editor, Jon Wilkinson, members will find the new format an interesting read. Of course the magazine is only as good as its content; that means the Editor is reliant on contributions from you, the members.

The current COVID-19 situation has of course, seriously disrupted our championships programme, both nationally and locally.  The Board is now meeting via Skype and will decide, based on Government advice, when it is safe to resume activities. This applies to both domestic and international championships, as we have a duty of care to do all we can to protect our members..

We hope you are all keeping safe and well.

On behalf of the British Powerlifting Board









Well, that's a wrap, until the next issue!

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