The nations will nominate a team of 12 lifters each, 6 equipped and 6 classic, 3 of each for male and female, who will face off against one another on a points basis, with the highest score taking the spoils! This will be the first year that the IPF points system will be employed, instead of Wilks; this definitely shook up a few of the standings, but will it make a difference to the results of the Home Nations Championships?? Only time will tell…

Last year's results can be accessed on British Powerlifting’s website with the team’s scores at and individual lifters at

England inched it from Scotland last year, due in no small part due to the near to 500 wilks from Emma Goodwin and Wes Hall, and more than 600 from Tony Cliffe. But without the teams having yet been announced, this could be wide open for 2019.

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